Quality Policy

PLATIN believes that it constitutes a strong starting point for conversion of the global business activities into a joint dependency and trust and brotherhood for the whole humanity. The key to this process is “quality”. As a modest contribution to the global quality culture, PLATIN Personnel have developed “Quality PT”.

Quality is the priority No. 1 of PLATIN while providing the prestigious global brands with service. “Quality PT” is a concept that symbolizes the quality policy and ethical working discipline. At the heart of this concept lies the maximum satisfaction of the client and the highly skilled workforce.

PLATIN’s QA team performs systematic checks on the production and service qualities. It also receives feedbacks from the customers, and uses these feedbacks in order to improve the production system.

The precautions for final quality and product safety begin with the checking transactions of the incoming products.


Social Responsibility

It has never been enough for us to develop our business and provide our customers with complete service.

We are aware that as we grow our business, our responsibility before the environment, society and people grows as well.


Environment Management and Recycling

Recycling and Waste Management is one of the most important sustainability policies of our company. In our facilities, we collect each waste in special areas according to their own types and transfer them to the licensed recycling centers. We carry out special projects such as the Organic Rankine Cycle in order to recycle the hot air in our flue gas. We attempt to achieve minimum liquid use in our liquid transaction processes by means of Air Flow technology. We receive our energy from the companies using sustainable resources such as RES and HEPP, etc. We know that the energy we use is not ours, and we follow the daily usage quantities.